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In addition to upholding the mission statement of the Chitimacha Tribal Council, the staff at RiverCane strives to provide housing for community elders (ages 55 and up) in a safe, supportive and caring environment, utilizing the available support services to assure independence while maintaining a high quality of life in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The facility and program described herein was created pursuant to TC Resolution No. CHI-TC #49-99 and designed to serve community elders by providing housing for “independent” persons desiring safe and efficient housing without the maintenance and upkeep worries that accompany owning your home (“Occupant”). Available tribal support services will be provided and coordinated so as to maximize the occupants’ independence for as long as possible. RiverCane is not intended for those with problems which necessitate care (medical or otherwise) which is more than is currently being provided by tribal staff and tribal programs. Occupants or their families are permitted to arrange and pay privately for services that are not provided or arranged by RiverCane.

Rivercane Senior Program Bulletin:



Contact Information:
Nicole Dossey, Director

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 661, 428 Chitimacha Loop
Charenton, LA 70523

Phone: 337-923-4114
Fax: 337-923-6848

Occupancy Components, Eligibility, Costs, and Current Use:

  • The facility consists of 16 apartments.
  • 10 of which are one-bedroom apartments and 6 of which are two-bedroom apartments.
  • The one-bedroom apartments rent for $500.00 per month while the two-bedroom apartments rent for $550.00 per month.  Power and Water are included in the monthly rental fee and the apartments are unfurnished with no appliances.
  • Individuals seeking to occupy residence at RiverCane must be fifty-five (55) years of age or over and be able to live independently or provide their own nurse.
  • Common Areas include a parlor, dining room (reservations must be made prior to use), and laundry room.
  • To read our Pet Policy, click here.

Tribal Elder Program:

  • RiverCane currently has 121 participating Tribal Elders and spouses in our local area.
  • RiverCane provides daily meals Monday thru Friday excluding holidays on average for about 60 participating elders.  Lunches are delivered to those who are non-ambulatory, physically unable to drive, or are terminally ill.  Otherwise, the dining room is utilized for those who are able to come and eat.  Meals are also available to non-tribal members who order in advance for a small fee.
  • RiverCane hosts a monthly Tribal Elder Bingo every first Wednesday of each month.
  • Breakfast is provided every Wednesday morning at 7:30 and Chitimacha Tribal Clinic CHR’s are on hand to perform blood pressure and blood sugar checks.
  • The Health Clinic’s Dietician also comes in every third Wednesday of each month to conduct nutrition facts and dietary presentations to the elders.
  • RiverCane provides transportation to the elders for grocery shopping needs, hair appointments, and banking needs. Specific dates and times for these services are determined by the Senior Director.
  • Elder's Intake Form

The RiverCane Center consists of four employees.

  • Facility Director
  • Cook
  • Assistant Cook
  • Facility Maintenance Worker

Policies and Proceedures: